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Auditing & Assurance Services

SAHU & ASSOCIATES: 1. Internal audit
2. Bank audit
3. Stock audit
4. Statutory audit
5. System & management audit
6. Concurrent and Income & Expenditure audit
7. Due diligence
8. Cerification work

We have team of Honest, Intelligent & dedicated Chartered Accountants & Auditing Staff who can provide honest & timely audit & assurance services.
If you are a foreign Company and have your office in India, We can do MIS for you.
We are ISO 9001:2008 registered Chartered Accountants In Bangalore India and we deeply rely on quality. We comply all ICAI publication & Guidance notes while conducting audit. This makes us unique as Auditors in Bangalore India.
We are expert in Due diligence and submit our report on time.

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