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Tax Consultants in Arabic College

SAHU & ASSOCIATES: We are Tax Consultants in Arabic College.

We are Tax Consultants in Bangalore.

Brief description about tax consultants:

A tax consultant prepares, consults or assists with tax returns for individuals or small businesses. Tax consultants are also known as tax preparers.

The tax consultant's goal is to help keep their clients' taxes to a minimum. Tax consultants review financial records and make adjustments, deductions and credits. They provide their clients with information on how to properly complete a tax form.

The BLS stated that the highest level of employment for a tax preparer was in the industry of accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll services. This industry employed 61,160 tax preparers and with an average salary of $35,130.

Tax consultants typically work within a well-lit and comfortable office environment. Independent tax consultants may work from a home office.

Education and Training
Tax preparers do not have the responsibilities or background of accredited certified public accountant. Private financial companies and schools offer income tax courses and certification. Employers offer on-the-job training.

Job Outlook
Employment for a tax preparer is expected to be slower than average through 2018, according to the BLS.

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