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Finance Consulting Services

SAHU & ASSOCIATES: We are finance consulting services in Bangalore

We helps you in different ways:
1. Provides you as much info as you need in order to make timely and productive financial decisions
2. Helps you understand how your decision affects other areas of your finances.
3. Helps you evaluate the level of risk that is best suited to your financial situation and lifestyle.

Well we offer professional financial advisory services in India with the help of our experienced planners and make it easy for you to take on the right option while planning your finances in India. You could be from any city. We provide financial services all across India.

What all is meant by a financial plan?

You must have heard financial advisors discussing about an investment plans for individuals or firms. It could be anything from insurance to a mutual fund. As far as an individual is concerned, the amount of capital invested is quite small, so the advisory should be according to the financial capacity of the person. An advisor will allocate the most secure plans with the highest result possible.
Firms with higher capital need a lot of return on their investment. There is no shortage of funds, but then too, there needs to be some sort of security. A financial advisor

Tailor made financial solutions

If you need a custom-made plan, then it can be arranged by a proper financial services firm, which plans according to your personal or collective needs. We have the best financial advisors and can send them all across India. Distance is not a problem
Tailor made solutions means customized plans to increase your wealth. Our wealth advisory managers will chalk out an entire plan before you. Then you decide whether you agree with all the investment carriers. After that we allocate the necessary suggestions and finalize the perfect solution for you or your firms.


Insurance is an extremely important for any individual or firm. Safety is the best Policy. Prevention of assets is much better than the recovery of the capital, after the funds have been spent unwisely or a consignment has been lost.
We provide the correct insurance plans according to the financial status of the entity. If you are an individual, you need health insurance, life insurance, Child plans and many new kinds of safeguarding policies for your own self.
If you need it for your firm, then we help you purchase the correct plan for protection of your assets. You simply need to provide your credentials and the rest of the work is handled by us.
We are available all across the nation!

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Finance Consulting Services